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{Friday, October 22, 2004}

Oedipus: author of the Oxford English Dictionary

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{Thursday, October 21, 2004}

... the needle, after all, has the form of an "I." To pass through its eye can mean no less than an inversion of the self, acquiescing to a "poverty" that is the divestment of the "I."

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{Wednesday, October 20, 2004}

plume sprays his philosopher's stone with alchemist.

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My mailbox was enriched yesterday with a stroke of chance, that is, the mailman's mistaken gesture: I received a catalogue of "U.S. Cavalry: World's Finest Equipment for Homeland Security and National Defense." I am grateful, of course, since otherwise I would have never been aware of the resources available to the average citizen. Available - with this mild disclaimer: "we do not warrant that you may legally purchase, own, or carry specific products offered in our catalogs" and "customers purchasing law enforcement insignia or uniforms ... warrant they are legally authorized to wear such mottos." The disclaimer is a leap of faith: the department of sales is not going to verify your identity.

U.S. Cavalry offers much more than uniforms, balaclavas or camouflage shemaghs. And these, by the way, are accompanied with images such as the photograph of two air-force soldiers shooting from behind a sand-covered hummer, with the heading: "boonie hat helps beat the heat." At U.S. Cavalry, you, the average citizen, can purchase "Tactical Equipment" which is divided into "less lethal," "ballistic" (helmets, body armor), and "dynamic entry tools." Another section is devoted to "Homeland Security" which is to be taken au pied de la lettre: chemical and biological protection system for the whole family (for instance this ColPro 300 NBC Multi-Purpose Soft Shelter which unfolds right in your living room, or, for your children, "Noah's Ark Expandable Cabinet Shelter.") Then, you can acquire "Evidence Collection" or "Field" equipment, "Knives and Tools," "Duty Equipment" (including several models of hand-cuffs up to full-body binding). Guns arent sold, but hardly a picture displays the equipment without one.

It is needless to say that persons who purchase at U.S. Cavalry are doubly patriotic: they help the American economy by spending their money AND contribute to homeland security.

Get your catalog today or order online at

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{Tuesday, October 19, 2004}

applying grammar rules with caution, plume strived towards the perfection of present.

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{Thursday, October 14, 2004}

who doesn't vote, opts for a dictatorship.

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la lune, c'est la philosophie du phosphore

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{Thursday, October 07, 2004}

plume proposes to introduce a bush-proof presidential requirement: TOEFL exam.

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