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{Monday, May 31, 2004}

... with all that rain, more than a church was flooded ...

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plume ponders over some catholic churches' refusal to give communion to gays wearing rainbow sashes, while they should welcome them for at least two reasons: rainbows are beautiful and they're a sign of god's covenant with noah.

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plume stopped publishing poems since the publisher, the editor, the master-binder, the type-setter, the paper manufacturer, the ream cutter, the thread-weaver, the glue-maker, the page-counter, the watermark artist, the glue-sniffer, the spine-bender, the price-clipper, the color-picker, the ink-dipper, the printer, the printer's apprentice, the bookhouse janitor, the bookkeeper, the public relations liaison, the apologies scribbler, the switchboard operator, the driver, the dealer, the marketing director, the agent, the director's assistant, the assistant's secretary, the secretary's house-keeper, and the reader wanted their names acknowledged in the back-cover list of credits.

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mixed with water, plume was becoming increasingly monothematic ...
... i mean, unipluvial ...

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... doric columns of rain ...

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...plume rode his bike skillfully dodging the rainbullets ...

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falling rain drops make upside-down umbrellas as they strike the ground.

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a wall of clouds on the horizon reminds me of a mountainous landscape. only then does chicago feel less flat.

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...les yeux grands ou verts...

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to the distress of the camel, the needle was blind.

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{Sunday, May 30, 2004}

le plus certainement, l'aura l'aura.

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plume's latest contribution to fashion was the invention of the wheel: he TURNED ladies' hauts talons into high wheels.

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plume devotes himself to the study of echonomy.

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... the most popular candidate either rallies "human values," "freedom," and "virtue" on his side, turning the political division of right-and-left into one of right-and-wrong; or skillfully navigates the meanders of indecision, careful not to fall on either side of the fault-line ...

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... "freedom" of a "private citizen" is no more than pretension to self-containment (and self-contentment) already shattered by that oxymoronic nomination...

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... "free societies" are, in the least, occupied by the concerns of "freedom" ...

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chinese poems are written on the sheets of rain

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plume est devenu plume à serpent vert.

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{Saturday, May 29, 2004}

In 1911:

Jan. 26 -- American troops land in Honduras to support the former president Manuel Bonilla against the legitimate regime of Miguel Dávil.

Sept. 1 -- Dmitri Bogrov, a spy employed by Ochrana to inform on the activities of the Socialist Revolutionary Party, turns against his employers and kills the Russian Minister of Interior in the Kiev Opera House

Oct. 10 -- Revolution breaks out in China against the Manchu government. American forces are sent to protect American interests in Shanghai, Nanking, Chinkiang, Taku and elsewhere.

Nov. 1 -- First bombing in history: Italian airplane drops a bomb outside Tripoli during the invasion of Libya.

Nov. 1 -- Trotsky writes his essay on Terrorism

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"Times" headline: < Suicide bomber kills time >

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... they realized time was simply a bad employee ...

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{Friday, May 28, 2004}
plume's timely meditation

An "extended weekend" is an occasion for "spending" some "quality time" with the family. No doubt, it is time well-earned. Following the dictum: "time is money," quality time is time saved in a weekend bank, put aside, accumulated like honest capital; it is time that must not be simply squandered. Rather, "quality time" is time "re-invested" -- this time in the family -- and which will pay off with interest, so that for the weekends to come we can live off the dividend.

"Quality" time means, implicitly, "high-quality." That time well-earned and securely-saved is also a product. First, there is some time of labor, perhaps a little dreary, perhaps filled with office talk and punctuated with brown-bag lunches and coffee spoons. That labor time brings money which in turn "buys" us more time. If you have a good job, the time you earn in return for the time you work is bound to be superior to the time you would have had, had you not worked for it.

"Quality time" is, then, opposed to time "poorly-spent" and to sheer "wasted time." Poorly spend their time those who live their lives without earning their living or without having others to earn it for them. And waste their time those who, having gained it, trifle it away without thinking of the passing time. Those are truly wealthy who have by-passed the time of labor and put to work time already saved which then works itself up into a high-interest eternity, affording the rich-man time to think of nothing but of multiplying time and of storing it away for the future, until a time comes for some "quality time" with those who qualify to share in its spending. And a wise time-baron will not spend anything without getting something in return. He will rather lend his family some time - or, in the preferred turn of phrase - extend some time to them. He will also make sure his tongue does not slip on that turn and let those, who use the time thus extended, know they should turn it into profit and then return it at least twofold. Such wise man laughs, of course sparingly, at the poor fool, who claims to have "all the time in the world" and worries not about its quality. For, had he truly "all the time in the world" he would be unable to spend it, even if he were in the world "all the time."

And all we've got, is an extended weekend.

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for years, plume kept returning to the same painting in the museum. to his continued astonishment, it was still life.

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{Thursday, May 27, 2004}

plume would happily oblige and lower Manhattan, if he only could find the lever.

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plume's week: shun day, mundane, tooth's day, when's day?, fursday, fried day, sadder day

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plume was told to bear something in mind.
if he cannot remember what it was, it's because he never liked bears.

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p r o f i l e, n. :: professional nail-filing service

n o s o g r a p h y, n. :: the art of nose tattoo

h o l o g r a p h y, n. :: a branch of artistic nihilism, specializing in writings in the void

w i n d o w!, interj. :: exclamation expressing amazement in the face of the wind

c l a w, n. :: the truth of law

c o l l e a g u e, n. spec. :: collage artist

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la rosea roseprosel'art ose
quand même

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... it is the question of resistance to the inertia of indecision ...

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on a newspaper box outside the unicorn café - chicago tribune, subtitled beyond words - a sign, in sprayed graffiti, BEAUTY BLINDS

the sun directly in my eyes

a thin striated cloud across the sun

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about twelve meters tall, white against green background, brightly lit, number 6230, the sum of whose digits yields my floor level, stares into my balcony door.

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plume put so much into question that it swell and burst into a myriad of ions.

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she never thinks of the night as something that stretches. the dark is precise and the hourglass hesitates. you can't gather it in fistfuls.

she peels sheets of darkness until dawn.

uneven pen-strokes to note what she wishes to remember. sometimes she searches under the cover of her eye-lids for imprints of the open.

it is so dark because all dictionaries turned to palimpsests.

manuscripts, illuminated only by a half-moon.

always the same half.

in the morning, the mirror, too, might turn into a window.

she turned the pages as if they were planets in orbit.

she wasn't as much reading as looking for the blank spaces to be filled with her own thought.

always the same one.

that's the way to make the dark last.

but the moon is iron and stars are all rust.

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...the moon hangs by a single thread...

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plume couldn't fall asleep for fear of hitting something.

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{Tuesday, May 25, 2004}

a neighbor rebuked plume for his chronic inaction and murmured something about intentions. plume was happy to hear that the afterworld was paved at all.

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plume came to a conclusion... but perhaps he was coming too quickly because it turned out to be head-on collision.

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r e p l y, verb. trans. :: to fold again

"per aspera ad astra", lat. vulg. :: asparagus disaster

p a r a b o l e, n. :: a pair of tree trunks

c o n s u m e r i s m, n. :: a common branch of archaeology and mathematics, occupied with the study of ancient Sumer

s t a b i l i t y, n. :: the ability to stab

d e m o c r a c y, n. :: demonstrable crass

d e m o n s t r a t i o n, n. pl. :: layered arrangement of demons (sing. demonstrata)

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p oublier

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a tall cumulonimbus engaged in a joust with another. the battle unfolded with the vertiginous slowness of vapor.

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dreams: i arrive in a town about to suffer destruction -- not certain why, war or a hurricane, one is the other -- everyone is asleep and i step gently along an unlit pathway through a backyard -- not to awaken anyone -- i think, if i had a blanket, i would lie down in a barn and fall asleep -- i can clearly see the shapes of future ruins -- but it's starting to rain and all i can think of is the cold

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underheard: "with six watches, i have all the time in the world."

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tombeau d'amour

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{Monday, May 24, 2004}

coincidentally, latest fait accompli joggles words and plays on the violence of violins while nuclear threat becomes increasingly unclear, while German construction workers write their own Buildingsromans (and, who knows, maybe even Buildingsromances), while sigh ence holds its breath, while the repressed returns in centra frugal bi-cycles, while and soon so on, from one to fifty three, where no one at noon...

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Bush-in-chief invariably brings a smile to the most dreary situation:

"The swift removal of Saddam Hussein's regime last spring had an unintended effect"...

To prevent any unexpected events from ever happening again, he proposes a five-step plan. To someone who grew up in a socialist country, this sounds strangely familiar. Poland, for one, ran on nothing but one five-year-plan after another. There is something concrete and comforting about number 5. The rest may be as nebulous as "handing over authority" (read: happen what may, it's not our fault), "establishing security" (here I am really confused, but it seems Bush means to "alarm the nation"), "continue rebuilding Iraq's infrastructure" (continue? RE?-building?, infrastructure? I suppose it sounds scholarly enough that someone will fall for it), "encourage international support" (that's a synonym for the panic button), "moving toward a national election that will bring forward new leaders..." (there's much astir here, moving forward, toward -- moving out, I think, rather, just keep moving, because when it's stops, then you really need to be scared).

In truth, all this is just the speech-writer's translation of: "OK, I close my eyes, count to five, and you all disappear. ONE .... TWO ...."

"... or else I'll have my dad come and deal with you!... THREE ..."

I better log off right now!

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new york times is not without humor, even though the frequency of its appearance apparently equals that of cicadas':

"So Many Cicadas. So Few Recipes."

the humor is (off course) second-wing:

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{Sunday, May 23, 2004}

the horizon is narrowing. soon, i will be able to wrap the storm around my waist.

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l'art du commentaire est celui du silence: comment se taire.

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i planted a rock in the middle of the house and contemplated it hold its breath.

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{Saturday, May 22, 2004}

...a riot of swallows ice-skating in the frozen sky...

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the lowered arm of a crane became a momentary refuge of sea-gulls.

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{Friday, May 21, 2004}

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{Wednesday, May 19, 2004}

...le monde n'a été qu'une arrière-pensée...

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{Tuesday, May 18, 2004}

in a drugstore aisle, among mascaras, eye-shadows and lipsticks, plume found a "make up your mind" kit.

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plume decided to accept double citizenship in order to fill a double ballot in november: a vote and a veto.

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{Monday, May 17, 2004}
from plume's intuitive dictionary*

s y n ae s t h e t i c, n. : alt. spell. sinesthetic :: the esthetics of sinning (developed by St. O. Gusting and elaborated by Hay Gall).

p r o s t a t e, adj. :: one that is not against the state.

u n d e r b u s h, n. :: the second in command.

t e x a s, n. : colloq./euphem. misspell. of :: tax ass.

u m b r e l l a, n. :: contagious disease, often confused with rubella, salmonella and the deadly mozzarella.

d e f e e t, v. transitive :: as decapitation, but from the other end.

p r e c i n c t, n. : marine slang :: a pre-owned ship-wreck.

t r a n s c e n d e n t a l, adj. :: having gone into a trance while under hypnosis at a dentist's office.

b e v e r a g e, n. :: the average bever population per square mile per annum.

d i s c r e t e, adj. : from Greek :: enemy of Crete. (Antonym: c o n c r e t e).

p o l i t i c s, adj. : forestry :: said of areas characterized by dense tick population.

c i c a d a s, n. Obs. : music :: British equivalent of sick arias.

d e c a n t, v. intr. :: to sing decantatas.

p a t t e r n, n. : archaic :: pre-Pithagorean mathematical model for establishing paternity.

*arranged in alphabetical disorder according to preliminary range blank response pattern.

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first thing in the morning, plume will enroll in a philosophy course entitled "remarx and inkantations: critique of free thinking."

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...there is a rumor that the troops will withdraw from iraq: the regime change was only a 90-day demo...

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...the government had not yet thought of protecting us against the explosive threat of canned laughter...

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{Saturday, May 15, 2004}

...surely, the morality of bicycles exceeds the sense pedestrians have in common...

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{Wednesday, May 12, 2004}

for want of an apple, the arrow strikes the head

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the serpent

pen rest
ten reps
per nest

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it rains

metaphors become slippery

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{Tuesday, May 11, 2004}

comme père, comme mère

compare: commerce

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{Monday, May 10, 2004}

dear scholar, academic and passerbuyer, let Georges Perec's scientiphic presearch, collected in an artickle entiptoed Experimental demonstration of the tomatotopic organization in the Soprano (Cantatrix sopranica L.), serve you as a model in your future work and pub licking.

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in meditation, plume strives to achieve the concentration of tomato juice.

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last friday, at three o'clock, plume fell in love with a truly poetical creature.
unfortunately, she was just a figure of speech.

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plume withdrew into seclusion in order to write his collected works. he started with paralipomena. if he applies his inkpot to it, the posthumous papers should be ready by next week.

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{Sunday, May 09, 2004}

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{Friday, May 07, 2004}

scientist are close to formulating the theorems underlying what will henceforth be called bushy logic (in distinction from fuzzy logic, etc.)

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{Wednesday, May 05, 2004}


of light


the room
of the last



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{Tuesday, May 04, 2004}

plume has been away from the ink bottle, yet his wits may be dry but not dull. ear to the ink blotch turns radio broadcast into a rorschach test.
bob edwards' farewell interview revolved around his book on edward murrow. cited, an excerpt of a broadcast concerning the horrors of buchenwald, from an archive recording, and a fragment of murrow's newscast on mccarthy era trials, recited by bob edwards.
bravo, npr. nice choice of fragments. hope everyone caught the parallel: american war crimes & enemy-citizens on "trial".
plume turns the radio to static.
where is a clear voice to denounce crimes in a sober tone?
christian fundamentalism ambushes us with god-speak and righteousness clogs our throats like used tobacco a pipe.
... and all the while, freshly rethreaded capital bites into the vestiges of ethics, that is, ethiquette...

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