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{Monday, November 29, 2004}

plume typed poems in white font, gave names to lengthy files, and printed them out scrupulously. then, he asked visitors to read them out loud.

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a present is a president without an ID

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land mine: a method of land appropriation - a military equivalent of your little brother licking all the cup-cakes to prevent everyone else from eating them

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He specialized in hypocriticism.

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{Sunday, November 28, 2004}

Perhaps political satire, such as "ridding the white house of bushes", no longer makes any sense. The very fact of its legality seems to invalidate it.
Or, rather, satire today should go beyond the facile word-play and expose the mechanisms of government's logic. Satirists must be(come) visionaries.

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Thanksgiving: the end of one holiday marks the beginning of another. Commerce, in contrast to religious holidays - or life! - dispenses with waiting. Impatience of a conveyor belt.

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he drove a tireless car

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{Tuesday, November 23, 2004}

his writing was wired with a "t" string

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{Friday, November 05, 2004}

so, once more:
freedom fries?

plume asks:
does it also reheat?

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... the words were simple because at this hour intellect was put out of order ...

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{Thursday, November 04, 2004}

la rose des ventres

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Unless the people are made one, there is no way to make them attain their desire. Therefore, they are made one; as a result of this unification, their strength is consolidated, and in consequence of this consolidation, they are strong... A country that knows how to produce strength... bars all private roads for gratifying their ambition and opens only one hole through which they can attain what they desire... [The wise ruler] causes others to love.

A weak people means a strong state and a strong state means a weak people. Therefore, a country which has the right way is concerned with weakening the people... A country which knows how to produce strength but not how to reduce it may be said to be a country that attacks itself, and it is certain that it will be dismembered.

Lord Shang, 4th Century BC
cited in A Nomad Poetics by Pierre Joris, p. 28-29

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plume proclaims john kerry's victory - by the unpopular vote.

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{Tuesday, November 02, 2004}

only fossils never change their mind

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