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{Saturday, February 28, 2004}
poet, or else

Street poet
Sea poet
Itinerant verse-seller
Door-to-door rhyme hussler
Belle lass
Travelog poet
Blog poet
Beenthere-donethat poet
Slogan organ
Raw poet
Suprematist poet
Beat poet
Dead-beat poet
1001 night bank teller
Cheat-sheet artist
Lutheran dadaist
Didactic poet
Charles Lamb
Formulaic poet
Inspired poet
Aspiring poet
Story liner
Spell checker
Tongue-slip catcher
Karawane camel
Doggerel writer
Palimpsestic poet
Engaged poet
Nomadic poet
Sporadic poet
Couplet stretcher
Spontaneous poet
Spondeeic poet
Foot-and-mouth poet
Sprung-rhythmic poet
Run-on poem poet
Preemptive poet
Poet sur l'herbe
Poet agaist the grain
Career poet
Conundrum poet
Hymn hummer
Gin-and-rum poet
Justice poet
Poet unbound
Poet on the rebound
Mob poet
Soul poet
Navel poet
Wistful thinker
Discrete poet
Cretan poet
Heraldic poet
Grass-root poet
Dictée poet
Aural poet
24/7 poet
Seven-eleven poet
Last-gasp rapper
Trapeze artist
Erotic poet
Cartel poet
Gas-lamp poet
Hyperlink poet
Heroic poet
Garden poet
Cubist poet
Moebius stripper
Madrigalactic poet
Melancholic poet
Melodramatic poet
Bread loser
Versatile poet
Dialectic poet
Eclectic poet
Political poet
Blank versetist
Cut-out poet
Machine poet
Poet emigré
Automatic poet
to be continued...1

1this list complements, but does not complete this list

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{Tuesday, February 24, 2004}
elections :: enclose it

still undecided?

this what you do: add "president" to the candidate's name, & if in doubt, anagrammate!

president john kerry ::

campaign slogan against bush : pry jeered stinkhorn!
quoted : trendier jerk’s phony
secret : joy-shrink pretender

president john edwards ::

campaign slogan against bush : jehad’s stipend drowner!
alias : third jaded newsperson
secret : stored prewashed djinn

president ralph nader ::

campaign slogan against bush : philandered partners!
quoted : apparel hinders trend
secret : neared third preplans

president dennis kucinich ::

campaign slogan against bush : indict unscreened kinship!
qualities : uncredited chin pinkiness
secret : inspirited chickened nuns

president howard dean ::

campaign slogan against bush : porn-destined warhead!
alias : redhanded waitperson
secret : ponders when radiated

president bob graham ::

campaign slogan against bush : preheats bombarding!
owns : abridgement bar shop
secret : grabbed misanthrope

president joe lieberman ::

campaign slogan against bush : job-name enterprise lied!
quoted : jeeps liberated ironmen
secret : {nothing clever, yet}

president al sharpton ::

campaign slogan against bush : sportiest panhandler!
characteristics : intrapersonal depths
secret : translated horn pipes

and, as for president george w. bush, we know what to expect:
:: budgeteers pre-show


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{Friday, February 20, 2004}
words of wisendom

m e d i c i n ea

putting ideas into someone's head: the latest brain surgery
to get a load off one's mind: the antidote to the above
wide awake: this is what happened to Gregor Samsa, he woke up wider than he fell asleep
with flying colors: applies to intense visual hallucinations
try one's own hand: (1) when everything else fails; (2) when the patient's both hands had to be amputated
taking sides: an alternative weight-loss procedure
lay eyes on someone: an unsuccessful ocular transplant
laugh out the other side of one's mouth: potentially fatal
keeping a watch over someone: a XIXth century method of hypnotization
to follow one's nose: in reference to a patient with a runny nose
can't make heads or tails: a multiple-animal surgery gone terribly wrong
lose one's face / one's heart / one's mind, etc: any of possible things that can go wrong on an operating table
out of one's mind: same as above, from the point of view of the lost body part

h u m a n r e l a t i o n sb

touch and go: (derogatory), applies to an extremely short-term relationship
laid back: a love-making position
no kidding: a sign in restrictive housing, prohibiting child-bearing
no dice: a sign forbidding gambling
no sweat: a sign forbidding perspiration
not a living soul: a sign in a pessimists' cemetery
no wonder: a sign at a politically-correct freak show

two p h i l o s o p h i c a l stands on m o n e yc

money is no object (skepticism)
money talks (animism)

p o l i t i c sd

race against time: it has been proven that time is racist
paint the town red: McCarthy did what he could to prevent this from happening

miss elaniouse

get a raw deal: to eat sushi
made from scratch: a creationist belief that the world started with a big itch

p r o - v e r b i a

First come, first swerved.
Write and barely.
Knotty as a fruitcake.
Make a new sense of oneself.
Live on borrowed thyme.
Pubic disclosure.
His loss is migraine.
The death of one dog is the wife of another.
Variété is the spice of life.
Reason is the lie in the flaw.
History reaps and eats itself.
Give each his dew.
Half a lass is better than none.
People who live in glass houses have bruised noses.
There's more than one frog in the poodle.

u n q u o t e d

"Come light, go light" - God, hesitating about the creation of the world.
"A youth comes but once in a lifetime" - Mother's practical advice to her ugly son, urging him to marry.
"To him who has shall be given" - government's tax-cut policy
"Vice President" - homologue of the Virtue President in another country.
STD - Victoria's secret finally revealedf

a from: Physician's Desk Reference. 27th edition.
b from: St. Reet, Sigh N., ed. Urban Codes and Rural Traditions, or Worlds at Odds. Antarctica University Press, 1982.
c from: Rhates, Sock A., pH.d., ed. Philosophy of Economics. Keblogg School of Management Press, 1993.
d from the editorial column of Washing Post. March (against Times) 12, 2003.
e from: Chambermaid's Manual to Propper Curtseying. Midwife Publications, 1888. (handstitched).
f from: Wall Street Journal. Special Supplement1. February 21, 2004.

1 FDA approved.

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{Thursday, February 19, 2004}
manual on how to go blind from blogging

or, an orthopedic article inspired by the encyclopedia britannica & a single-entry blog*

B l o g g i n g was once a common method for liminal rhyming and thought preservation in the home, school, armed forces, and prisons. Mosaic code (on two tablets) was the first known blog. Blogging was not immediately wide-spread. Shaved and diminished, old women would frequently blog themselves to death when they were sufficiently numerous to despair of dates. Lack of war blogs contributed to the defeat of the American South in the Civil War.

Within the past century, 19 teenagers endured impairment by gradually replacing their penultimate corporeal members by blogs. But courtyards and playgrounds still retained the power to censor a blogger (or briter, as they were called at the time) for violent postage. In England, Scotland, and Wales the Rhyming Artmistice Act deprived play-places of their power to judge sentences. Minor blogs were still inscribed on the walls in Canada, some European and Asiatic countries, until the state of Delaware declared public blogging illegal and forced it into the discrete e-spaces of 25 different rhymes (due to limited memory, early blogs were typed over).

The instruments and methods of blogging have varied. Initially, sticks, rods, straps, and other implements were used. Elsewhere flash has been widely used, best elaborated in the form of nine epic cat tales (the plot was constructed of nine knotted links or nodes of seek&hide attached to a head site1). The Russian diary, consisting of a number of dried and hardened boards interwoven with wire was even more primal and deadly**. A particularly difficult mode of blogging, although having a smaller mortality rate, was the Oriental bloghado, or blogs delivered directly on the flesh with a coded knot or a flash plug-in. Blogging was formerly executed with great brutality. Bloggers’ backs were lacerated, and salt was poured into the wounds to produce permanent archives.

Today, blogging is strictly electronic, and wall- and body-blogging has been outlawed. However, the ancient blogging practices are preserved in the language: bloggers use blog skins as their support2, apply settings3, index their archives4. Further, many blog servers allow for conversion of line breaks, which used to be a very important strategy of double-coded writing5. And so on, examples are numerous.

* that data is necessarily dated, and dates to the current blog-date, which will, necessarily, soon become outdated, and, sadly, quite unsuited for either pruning or dating.
** early bloggers would often poke their eyes out by accident while compiling their linked archives.

1 in today’s blogging nomenclature, we call this an archive
2 of course, unlike the original bloggers’ skins, these serve as templates+, and can, theoretically, be expanded ad infinitum++
3 undoubtedly, a distortion of the original sittings, of which at least three were needed to produce a single blog
4 once more, we witness a reversal of meanings: first archives often ended up on the Index, with other forbidden scrolls
5 of course, i am referring here to the common practice of bloggers standing on their heads when confronted by the blogging police and successfully imitating street signs. Blogs were often written in specific shapes which, from a certain distance, could be taken for “DO NOT TOUCH! DANGER!” signs.

+ template, of course, refers to the later period where wall-blogging continued to be practiced clandestinely, in abandoned temples
++ limits on the imperial blog expansion may be set by the blogger server, which further shows the revolutionary social changes brought about by blogs: the server exercises control over the masthead.

| To cite this page:
| MLA style: {Medieval Logging Aformation}
| "Blogging." Orthopedic Cycle. 2004. Orthopedia Online
| <->

| APA style: {Ancient Pre-Blogging Affirmation}
| Blogging. Orthopedic Cycle. Retrieved from Orthopedia Online.
| <->

| Orthopedia style:
| "blogging" Orthopedic Cycle from Orthopedia Online.
| <->

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{Tuesday, February 17, 2004}
, or reuse pottery

near north12/3

since i cast my log into this bog of gab, i have been quagmired, fallen, fallen behind, on my behind, oggling unripe plumes, luminous palms (as those neon greens wading in the swing by touchless carwash on clark avenue as it falls, falls into, or by, as into a bayou, ridge road, take that abridged, or dye, digress elsewhere if you wish, pick a link that suits your color’s plume, crow as crows do), and have said nothing of many things i heard, merely mentioned one overheard, for hearing is what i do, so let it fall, as rain does, as snow does, as dove dies, on deaf ears, if you please (my plume is for lease, no less than a sedan, now, who’d drive that, derive that form from the formula, as any mighty mathemagician might, dive into it, swamped as you are, but drive a lamp! up my wall).

hence to the point.

since last i cast my goal into this gobbled bag of dabbed coals, i slipped, as tongues do, and said nothing, to say the least, of such hearings as, by and by, as in a drive-by shouting, shy bemouthing, as dan beachy-quick1 pottery that beseeched my left ear along with peter streckfus2 crockery that fell right where it heard (see bee low, or see bellows if you prefer, it’s not my way to tell, to tell you what to do, you look at what you find cool, or, like, well, once more derailed);

or porcelain performed on fine-tuned drums by conun (hear as you do, read forwards and backwards, perhaps by some chance this will make sense, i wish it made cents, i’m rather broke this time of day, like an earless pot that never made it to the stream), here i mean, kerri sonnenberg3 & the mag that spells which ever witch each way (such as con, rum, und, nude, drum, cur, mur, dun, cod, don, nun, rund, cum, nod, dune, nor, ond, and so on), that puts on stage such famed potterers as lewis warsh4 who whips his audience with swabs of puns, repeats what ripe to eat or twice as reaped, or jesse seldess5 who toils in coils of hymnic rhythms;


since i last grabbed this doggerel by the ear, garin cycholl6, true to his name6, read as red is, in unheated basement biography section of the myopic scrolls, set on the roll, cobwebs and icebergs in the corners, spoke, as if on a bicycle, of karl may in winter once upon a winnetou, of black holes in midillinois where grows in rows what goes in other wars, let’s drink to it, who knows,


since last the drab bar dared to draw brewed drink and since the ink spilled upon this beau blog was merely virtual, albeit each bite had its virtue, each its vintage, all went and left, now right, now straight, up in smoke, such calm spread over the text, read or unread, i’d dread to speculate, blinded as bespectacled, what would you hear were you here, were you even real (now the absent rose in sorrowed strokes of worse prose than pseudo-cicero conned in dramatic pose). repete it if you could.

what follows

is a message without a sponsor, pondered over sonorous pore, the snobbed bus supped with the scribe who sobbed over the bossed pod of double oak. i merely overhear, daringly wear my weather gear, boots and gloves, tubs and bowls, wool shawls and washed tools, who could tell anvil from the hammer, gotterdämmerung (and, did he answer? no, he stayed silent for three weeks in his misspelled silo, sipping sleak lentil soup, he missed me not, as only a knot might, killing while after while, awaying hour of hour, tilling choral works as willing rocks chored. and, then what did you do? i broke the phone in two, cored enough to peal, sliced the cord for pleating, and tuned the grill to laugh).

1 :: bid quaky chance
2 :: perfectest rusk
3 :: broken gren siren*
4 :: shrew wails**
5 :: seedless jess***
6 :: chilly garçon
12/3 dorsal indorsement of remorse code

* cf. Louis Aragon :: Urania Logos, in his unclassified Paysan de Paris, spake of pipe sirens of green floating till the break of dawn.
** as if each turn were the last.
*** well, what does one do, quantipled, quadruple letters leave not much choice in the matter.

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{Monday, February 16, 2004}
poet anagrams :: get panoramas

André Breton :: A Born Trend
Paul Éluard :: Pulled Aura
Comte de Lautréamont :: Meet Tentacular Doom
Valentine Penrose : A Serpentine Novel
Philippe Soupault :: Hip Pull-Up Opiates

David Antin :: Daint Divan
John Ashbery :: Her Shy Banjo
Margaret Atwood :: A Wordgame Tarot
William Blake :: Lamblike Wail
Charles Bernstein :: Ribless Enchanter
Paul Blackburn :: Urban Pullback
Louise Bogan :: O, Abuse Lingo
Christian Bok :: Inhabits Rock
Robert Browning :: Torn Wrong Bribe
Basil Bunting :: Sublating Bin
Robert Creeley :: Try Creole Beer
E.E. Cummings :: Smug Icemen
Robert Duncan :: Cornbread Nut
Allen Ginsberg :: Enraging Bells
Barbara Guest :: Ratbag Abuser
George Hartley :: Leathery Gorge
Lisa Jarnot :: Astral Joint
Ann Lauterbach :: Barnacle Haunt
Denise Levertov :: Rêves Dévoilent
Mina Loy :: Alimony
Steve McCaffery :: Very Scam Effect
Charles Olson :: Racoon’s Shell
George Oppen :: Engorge Pope
Michael Palmer :: Alphameric Elm
Bob Perelman :: Plane Bomber
Sylvia Plath :: Lavishly Apt
Laura Riding Jackson :: Rank Judicial Organs
Jerome Rothenberg :: Je Ronge Herbe Mort
Ron Silliman :: Onanism Rill
Wallace Stevens :: A Clawless Event
Dylan Thomas :: A Land Mythos
Rosmarie Waldrop :: Eros, A Primal Word
Walt Whitman :: Lawn Math Wit
Charles Wright :: Her Girls’ Watch

to be continued :: obedient count
subject to change :: tug chance objet

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postmodern scionces & humidities

fiscal physics
perforation studies
the atter
commuter science
libation science

statistics :: the classroom of casualties
probability :: for the undecided, probed abilities
management :: study of man’s aging process

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{Sunday, February 15, 2004}

to remain where you’re not necessary
even at the cost of
flowers do not hesitate to open at a warm spell in winter
to have the courage of plants
even at the cost of

you are a parasite in the tree hollow
devour bark sap and leaf
but to move
as if there were no more woods
towards the grain

rough gratitude as your garb
what poet
as if the urgency of tomorrow
inconsiderate shattered glass drops
merely words

hurled as rocks into blank windows
blank stares
sheets of paper in lunarfolds
fragrant insomnia
you live as if

wild parasite of your skin
love odors waves
the white river encircles your feet
yesterday floods
wood floral cabinets

strive towards the opening
dark is light comes
nails bleed in sleep in gathering
the roots of flagstone
follicles of thought

to be where it must be proven
flesh only a sign
broken lantern prostitution or wisdom
hairy shadows
reclaim your footsteps

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{Saturday, February 14, 2004}

absolutely immobile
turned into plastic into a bundle of green
dollars into neat packaging
at street corners on concrete slabs between brick cracks
packaged to
in packages
in bundles
like tin & soft & other wares
like home electronics
like votes
like like
roses are red
red dye magenta powder
packaged as
after-party red-eyed staring blindly short-skirted girls
kick rocks make noses bleed
he wants to believe his life is real
but not as real as
reality tv
automatic rifle
two hundred casualties
american idol
live news
packaged & personalized
life insurance
life warranty
life subscription to lifetimes
life threatening life support
life sentence
carrying life in their arms as crying children cared for
he wants to be
as real as real was
but not as
realty sales
bombs in israel
spring apparel
automatic umbrellas
packaged to suit
color-coded to simulate courage or persistence
made immobile
still as life
he wants to believe
as real as
arrivals of packages
in the mail
drive through
funeral parlor
scream is inaudible
scream is
is it
the final response to a life problem
to the problem of life
to a particular problem
as targetted missiles game wars voting machines
they only play dead
this is only a film
this is only a screen
this is only a shopping window
this is only a prop a trapdoor
this is only a poem
this is only a red light
catered packages
packed in packages
for you only
for you’re special
for you’re the first
for you’re the perfect
for you’re the target
of our
package campaign
package squad
drop now
this is real
this is only an alert
color-coded to simulate the level of danger
presidential campaign
wants to believe
radio transmission
transmitted mass
now absolutely immobile

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{Thursday, February 12, 2004} re: moved

two day's log has been pulled from under your feet

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{Wednesday, February 11, 2004}
minutes on assembly of a certain thought (punctuation not included)

askant a narrow inkline
494 : 36
score or an angle
the remainder in silence

stripped bare
as metal castings or pavement

glasses must be worn
the indicated hour
"take your time"
into account

“it’s a lovely mounting”

copper circuitry
delicate as exposed veinwork

cut what is unnecessary
such as
heart-feeding arteries
leave: art
define: spontaneous production of waste in advanced cultures of bacteria

nodes and neurons
connect subliminally

sails covering masts
are declared politically incorrect
ships must sail covertly
without revealing any motion

to pass

through the general assembly
or the motherboard
(votes are counted automatically)

“which amounts to insomnia”

we must increase
the manufacture of hats razor blades and lipstick

program new codes
concerning dress and draperies
waist- and coastlines
guarded securely

all must speak the same language

“such elegant second hand”

i lived in this house for nine years
and never noticed
the façade missing

in front of a mirror
they all now recognize their error
theorize: rectitude
underscore: the relevance of eyes seldom meeting

the books
underwent revision
in the final count
what mattered
was the bottom line

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{Monday, February 09, 2004}
a brief note on blogger ads

i just realized that the google blogger banner on top of this page tries to suggest "related searches". | i feel i have been upgraded: the first blob that splotched this sheet received a link to "joann fabrics" and "faux fur" outlet. today, the beheader reads: "free author's guide", "get published on demand" and, as an extra bon noose, refers the reader to "pictures of animals" & "publishers" (who, somehow, seem to belong to the same category). | and, by the way, i just imagined a blog devoted entirely to itself, an exercise in writing, akin to 'magnetic fields' or automatic writing games, in which each entry would play off google words, wander into unrelated territories in order to breed more keywords, tropical plants and elephants, burning giraffes and fire extinguishers, earth-moon honey cruises, guide to brick-by-brick DYI house building, and so on, soon, onto viral graphomania... | and, by the way, i was reading yesterday about the art of computer virus-writing {new york times :: monkeys write [i am fond of anagrams, and as they say, a gram a day... (befriend unica zurn, the anagrammatic queen)]} & was struck by the parallel it bears to medieval book-copying. | so, there's a writer, a true wiz programmer shaman manorwoman, who posts his creations on the web, signs his work & folds his arms. | then come along the illuminatory monks, or "script-kiddies" as they're called (and i cannot help, but imagine an army of busy gnomes) who patiently copy&paste the coded disease, add a little quirk, here&there (the "illumination"), and send the plague into the electronic world. (and, by the way, millennial apocalypse was the talk of medieval teatime). | by the way, what does planting a bomb have to do with gardening?

* * *

in the meantime, i received a response from blogger about a script error that comes up (& still does & seems to lie, at least if you believe microsoft debugger, in the blogger code in which each blog is embedded) when you open it in microsoft explorer : i have received a complimentary upgrade to ad-free blog. hence, blabla, self-perpetuating keyword-distorting blog-idea won't work. @-) cyclopic smiley

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a book of insults, or, with a grain of salt (in your eye)

this is an impromptu translation of the litany of insults from Edward Stachura's Kropka nad Ypsilonem {the dot over the ypsilon} that i have contorted a few weeks ago. | i decided to post it, to be assaulted by this roughcut work, in order to prompt further translucidatory convulsions.

you pork snout, you pork tail, you pork hoof, you ham, you fold, you fatso, you dumpling, you dropling, you blood sausage, you tripe, you croquette, you trough, you gnome, you earth worm, you crawlassing pest, you reptile, you venom, you measle-dyphteroid, you parasite, you drone, you leprosy, you hiena, you catacomb, you hecatomb, you sorry type, you nightmareling, you buffoon, you pharmazoon, you cameleon, you cock on the roof, you neither this way nor that way, you hit and run, and cry, you stuffy nose, you trachoma, you cataract, you bleary eyelet, you squint, you stool pigeon, you hangdog, you dragonflirt, you blindspot, you spy, you hangdog, you sorry type, you putty, you glue, you gumarabesque, you guttapercha, you colophony, you vaseline, you glycerine, you valet, you asskisser, you nipplesucker, you claqueur, you poser, you chisel, you fop, you cabotine, you patched-up scraper, you striped piper, you cowboy on a hunch-backed horse, you block, you hammer, you chainsaw, you spoke, you hoe, you unplunged pipe, you splinter, you scram, you wire, you crumb, you sorry type, you capitalist, you neocolonialist, you rosycheeked bourgeois, you careerist, you pennypincher, you microbe, you staphylococus, you pickpocket, you gonococus, you lues, you puffball, you leftleg, you mythoman, you narcoman, you filmfan, you gravedigger, you bacteria, you necrophiliac, you shameless pudenda, you sexolate, you muddlecake, you rag, you scholastic, you woodpecker off the rocker, you knocked-up turnip, you modern ruin, you beyond-avarage nincompoop, you trap, you guillotine, you gallows, you sorry type, you nightcap, you pompon, you cuntaphone, you dishwater, you wick, you nit, you dung, you playboy, you modern hit, you astamaniana, you my dear i don't love you at all, you blue fatamorgana, you onania, you chicken tune, you scratched vinyl, you trillevision, you lelement, you acorn prick, you dispensable thing, you garter, you offkey, you obscurant, you larva, you tick, you louse, you noxious aphid, you fusedtoothed termite, you grooved termite, you horsefly, you horse leech, you rook, you gangster, you thief, you murderer, you sorry type, you lazybone, you no-show, you aglet, you fuckerbalance, you fuckbeminor, you mouthfullofteeth, you chipped tooth, you lungfish, you convex flounder, you comatose halibut, you stinking skunk, you bottom moraine, you dregs of time, you off the floor, you square egg, you crook, you artist, you peddler, you straweaver intellectual, you talent in the turnstile, you genius under duress, you sideline in mainstream, you avant-garde of the arriere-garde, you tobacco in the pouch, you neptic, you undersigh, you inniminny, you bakelite toilet seat, you coterie, you comitern, you combination, you machination, you bargain method, you dolares and piernates, you off with you to the junkery, you usurer, you wechsel, you receipt, you ink blotch, you butt, you gibberish, you sorry type, you paper model, you wallpaper, you tawdry, you travelbag, you cyst, you snag in a historic draft, you poke, you poke your eye out, you comb against the grain, you leg, you lout, you clarnet, you bidet, you bucket, you diarrhea, you shitonlip, you spit, you scoundrel, you bungler, you flyspitter with a golden tooth, you wingspotted anteater, you hoodlum in Bahama yellow, you finger up your nose, you bugger, you nogood, you pushover, you hangover, you heartless bell, you comode varnish, you schwarzass, you thornhead, you dolt, you billygoat, you scatterbrain, you laurel left, you weedsmoke, you patafiant, you baseball bat, you paragon, you berserk, you apparitionist, you weightlift, you joule, you gigolo, you villain, you origummy, you alphos and omegos, you sorry type, you complacent collar, you nullgonal reader, you literary lifelet, you café, you junkyard, you corpseyard, you potboiler, you dauber, you drabber, you snort, you gag, you refuse, you poisoned herb, you soap sud, you selfogler, you scraping, you tit, you pisser, you pantwetter, you rot, you blindworm, you pussworm, you sorry type, you lily with a broken waist, you banana orthopedist, you squeezed lemon, you abused cutlet, you drooling wiener, you drunk dwarf, you worn-out blueberry, you summer fling, you bean-filled twat, you clogged whistle, you five minutes behind the rosemary bush, you unfinished illusion, you pulled-down blind, you jealousfish, you jaundice, you arsenic, you dark machine, you artificial flower, you pimple, you zit, you blackhead, you four-star wisher, you wart, you bedbug, you wishywash, you wishyouwas, you sorry type, you pull my sleeve, you step on my shadow, you shit around my pen, you call me uncle, you here have some ice cream, you don't sing i have no change, you candidate to a leg, you say who rocked your hands, you disappear with a soundless system, you drag your contrail, you go to hell, you piss off, you pepper off, you deoxidize, you flow off with ice, you die... !

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{Sunday, February 08, 2004}


sat down next to me on a train, a woman, her shoes were new, her bluejeans-patch jacket, she had no bag, her face of vague asiatic beauty, albeit uncared for, her hair dyed red tied in a ponytail, she spoke, as if to someone facing her, in a voice an actor could envy, deep vibrating, it carried to the other end of the wagon, i saw passengers lift their heads, she spoke, at regular intervals, she had no telephone, and her hands slightly trembled :

"because it was at the risk of my life

"quite antisocial


"you must understand some things are impossible

"you and i used to have conversations together all the time

and now you're afraid this will get you in trouble


"they are not interested in you
"they can't stand the sight of you

"and you

what did y o u r father tell you?

"you need to eat food

"because they're animals

so he wants both of you

"they could have fooled me

she stands in the doorway, belmont is next, the door opens on the right in the direction of travel :

"don't get lost

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{Saturday, February 07, 2004}

can we read ebay?
or, how to be an e-flâneur

it's a matter of nutrition: my impromptu dinner was followed by a flan. that, in turn, spun an idea, to browse, as one might at a flea market, expiring ebay auctions. ô! i link up to antiques, thinking, this will do the trick. ending in a minute, a 1722 french infantryman's military discharge which i am unable to decipher, followed by a 1764 london newspaper that, as the seller informs, is 239 years old (passons, sans le tâquiner: he's been standing here for a year, in a truly anti/que pose.) i skim to the bottom, to find, what a skull!, rare norwegian pattern-weaving book, dated ca. 1900, a must, no doubt, for any budding fiction writer. intriguing, in the french section (wrenched from disection tablets), a 19th-century french silk chenille metallic fringe (with penchant for alliterations). immediately i imagine david antin, sitting there cozy on his silky yet sturdy metallic fringe, or a miniature avantgarde under glass preserved like tropical insects. inevitably, i misread the next sign, plottery & gas, & come to face signed steuben cocktail set, ist er gestorben? am i looking for a fount of youth, ebay promises, right after vague dreams of travel, "everything else, beauty & health," and "more," as imagination fails in ecstasy.

better stick to the taxonomy of lakeshore pebbles, your pocketfuls, broken seashells & ice crystals, wind blue winter, sky rocks, preferred to graphs & prices. ebay is a place where electronic lemurs jump off the cliff of their alotted time.

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the futurist

escolar is a sneaky fish
schooled no less than other mackerels
escolar is a fishy snake
spectacled no less than a professor

my neighbor is a futurist he stands on his thruster fins and slowly spins the tale of his arthretic knees upon the black tartop of fagot roofs and potholes paved with pitch in sleep-fagged sidewalks hes in his element in the geometries of frozen lake he calls kalonkalon and shifts a cigarette from his left pocket to his fleece-lined jacket he doesnt smoke

eros thrives in a rose
cocooned in petals as good as scales
eros rises early
adorned with thorns non sans pareil

my neighbor is a futurist he fishes compliments in empty grocery bags takes off his battle hat to bite a 30cent napoleon at corner market prijedor he says cars will be slim as womens waists and ride sideways on walkstones we will have female government and snowflakes will be formed of milkfroth he pulls his hat over his face laughs in yours

soil cap is packed with dirt
planted with seeds of spoiled eclipse
soil cap conceals oil
cajoled politely into an elliptic pod

my neighbor is a futurist a fact perhaps hitherto left unmentioned his kingdom spreads from the 14th floor all the way to the missing link up his cuff he carries funk and wagnalis and marches incognito from metropolis to the letter box at six a.m. he sends a thousand faxes to promote communication he writes on fishskins with a no. 2 pencil

caterpillars prowl earth
groomed primly as ballroom catfish
caterpillars turn to salt
licked slowly as scholarly pamphlets

a verb of elucidation: there is no 13th floor in my building & my 81yearold neighbor, who secretly mistrusts trends in arts, tells me he's a futurist. what a tryste, says i (to myself). & his shelves simply itch, inch upon inch, with 1967 funk&wag'n'alyce pedic cylops. & he mixes faxes & knows his news. gist of it is, he's a magician.

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{Friday, February 06, 2004}

poetry & the news :

eureka! (ill,i,nois) will reopen the ronald reagan museum that, as chicago tribune informs me, was the site of a "mysterious arson." this news-bit, skimmed at the unicorn café in evanston (ill.) while waiting for a table to empty, brought to mind a recent peter streckfus reading at the chicago poetry center (february 2). {read his journey to the west, one of the poems in which r.r. appears, and the one which i liked best this monday}. after the reading, one of the listeners asked p.s. about r.r. surfacings. a fatherfigure? methinks an easy answer. perhaps the truth is even simpler: there's something thunderrolling in this name, like, ronaldreaganrailroad, roundgirldedgroundriddle; and then there's something ridiculous, like stuffing a mickeymouse into a poem, and then some, next to bicycle merchants & hsuan tsang sleeping under a truck king pin!

here's a fragment:

Tai-tsung, emperor, as nescient to the blossom of our


as Lyndon Baines, who in the great land of Texas dreams of a man

gazing east so long

he finally discerns a still figure--the back of his own head. While


like actor governor Ronald Reagan, wakened from sleep, continued

on his way,

"wary to the mind's distinctions, senses guarded."

you might also say, "weary of mind's distinctions," playing with historical mirrors, where, not unlike in a magritte painting, one might see the back of one's head.

quid ad rem?

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{Thursday, February 05, 2004}


a one night stand :

carved out of cherry plum
with a secret drawer
wide enough to hold a pencil
with which i will
write the dream
wobbly on its three legs

a touch-tone telephone :

in a phonebooth
as in a bathyscaph
fingers prefer
the fish of deeper vision
such as bristlemouth
or angler fish
dangling their dorsal fins
as phenobarb for prey
to spawn
deap-seated envy
in any number

a condom :

found in "for rent" section
of a free newspaper
& furnished
with lawn-chairs
spare mirrors
& crystal doorknobs -
a sovereign dome
of singular reflection
in storm a pacifier
on sunday a skyscraper

a free verse :

an ocean wave
from where
the crest fractures
to the reeve
of zinc that welds
it to its
reverse -
and then to drown
as a grain of sand
in a frivolous

a firework :

letter upon letter
as a tower tall
with trails
of long erratas
and feet
with crimson
toe nails -
by a tongue
of fire
that learns
them all
by heart
as they burn

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an array of electronic signals
signals train operators
when to move foreward
and forewarns when to stop

two L trains collide
at Low speed
in rush Hour
purple and brown
brown approaches purple
breaks before

(qu'il est lâche!)

"it is against," he said
"violates," the spokeswoman for
"due to," explains
"the rules," she contests
"must be," the chairman intercepts

"it appears to be a slow-speed accident," she said

(quelle vache!)

rush hour peaks

"this was the longest peak," he claimed
"stuck for two...," a passenger...
"reading a paper when," added
"twohundredpound man," screamed

two L trains
the five forty five
curve when
brown into purple
brown purpled
purred brown
brawned purple

third L train
short of the site
where collision
was spotted
& stared at
the couple

"he, too, violated," asserted
"human error," they said
"at least, at first blush," hypothesized
"it shouldn't have," disavowed

a disarray of electric wires
warns of high voltage

"please, do not touch"

chicago tribune, feb 04: cta probes collision

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myopic bargains of light:
split window wonders along the shopping avenue
step blunders over the threshold
and into the machine tempting
of tagged numbers why-dyed infinitudes poised upward
(slight folding in the hips will fix the drift of high-
altitude avalanche of fabric)
the mass moves towards the counter
and children choose the moral of their fairy-tales
from a multiple-choice touch-screen table
patent leather soles leave skid-marks on marble floors
and sparkling fitting-room mirrors
flatter -
(please adjust the color-contrast by turning
the bright-red door-knob)

enjoy the savings:
slight gains recorded by the market
reflect the popular mood
and the rising curve of chocolate sales
(baroque is again in vogue and girls buy eighties
garments in panoplied boutiques)
it is a sign of political investment not to
pronounce personal pronouns
instead wear faux furs
dyed to match cutting-edge views
(metaphors are the prime cause of indigestion
in america)
new software automatically eliminates
unwanted strands from the genome
while leaving a digital imprint

theology of display
runs counter to current notions of boredom
by clever insertion of partial terms
in order to feign global warming
insect or man shall be the sole survivor
clutching an empty ribboned bag
signed PLENITUDE, inc.
discounting shoe traces
burnt into the pavement
in instant revelation
(future foretold upstairs
free stock quotes here)
the festival of the earth'ss end
will be followed by
myopic bargains of light

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