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{Thursday, February 10, 2005}

From the New World Dictionary of the English Language (forthcoming, French Press):
to tear (tore, torn)
to ewe (owe, own)
to wear (war, warn)

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{Monday, February 07, 2005}

Glass War

Happiness suspends the metal, and the spoon will stir the liquid to dispatch the caravane of leaves. I drink only light through a straw. Let's watch their army rise and settle: rake it in the morning.

Sometimes you call because you wake from a nightmare. The window still frames the uncertainty of the fall: whatever you don't swallow, I plant in the soil.

You said, some words should not be set apart in the dictionary.

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{Monday, January 31, 2005}

the gasoline prices are rising as if they just woke up.

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{Friday, January 28, 2005}

the belief in the stability of foundations always astounded plume since their main characteristic is their ability to founder.

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upon retirement, president bush is planning to set up a road-side stand and sell freedom spread by the bucket.

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to incite the birch to shed her garments, plume wrote a treetease.

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{Tuesday, January 18, 2005}

Use the postal service for all your prenatal problems.

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The other was neither OR nor THE.

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{Thursday, January 06, 2005}

Chicago Tribune informs us that TV crews reporting on snowy traffic were responsible for delays as drivers stretched their necks toward the cameras. No better disproof of the existence of an objective observer.

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{Wednesday, January 05, 2005}

pull out the weeds before they grow into bushes

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after the end of the world: breakfast

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{Thursday, December 02, 2004}

The fact that both Ukrainian candidates were named Viktor, did not bode well for the elections.

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{Monday, November 29, 2004}

plume typed poems in white font, gave names to lengthy files, and printed them out scrupulously. then, he asked visitors to read them out loud.

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a present is a president without an ID

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land mine: a method of land appropriation - a military equivalent of your little brother licking all the cup-cakes to prevent everyone else from eating them

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He specialized in hypocriticism.

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{Sunday, November 28, 2004}

Perhaps political satire, such as "ridding the white house of bushes", no longer makes any sense. The very fact of its legality seems to invalidate it.
Or, rather, satire today should go beyond the facile word-play and expose the mechanisms of government's logic. Satirists must be(come) visionaries.

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Thanksgiving: the end of one holiday marks the beginning of another. Commerce, in contrast to religious holidays - or life! - dispenses with waiting. Impatience of a conveyor belt.

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he drove a tireless car

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{Tuesday, November 23, 2004}

his writing was wired with a "t" string

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{Friday, November 05, 2004}

so, once more:
freedom fries?

plume asks:
does it also reheat?

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... the words were simple because at this hour intellect was put out of order ...

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{Thursday, November 04, 2004}

la rose des ventres

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Unless the people are made one, there is no way to make them attain their desire. Therefore, they are made one; as a result of this unification, their strength is consolidated, and in consequence of this consolidation, they are strong... A country that knows how to produce strength... bars all private roads for gratifying their ambition and opens only one hole through which they can attain what they desire... [The wise ruler] causes others to love.

A weak people means a strong state and a strong state means a weak people. Therefore, a country which has the right way is concerned with weakening the people... A country which knows how to produce strength but not how to reduce it may be said to be a country that attacks itself, and it is certain that it will be dismembered.

Lord Shang, 4th Century BC
cited in A Nomad Poetics by Pierre Joris, p. 28-29

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plume proclaims john kerry's victory - by the unpopular vote.

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{Tuesday, November 02, 2004}

only fossils never change their mind

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{Friday, October 22, 2004}

Oedipus: author of the Oxford English Dictionary

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{Thursday, October 21, 2004}

... the needle, after all, has the form of an "I." To pass through its eye can mean no less than an inversion of the self, acquiescing to a "poverty" that is the divestment of the "I."

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{Wednesday, October 20, 2004}

plume sprays his philosopher's stone with alchemist.

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My mailbox was enriched yesterday with a stroke of chance, that is, the mailman's mistaken gesture: I received a catalogue of "U.S. Cavalry: World's Finest Equipment for Homeland Security and National Defense." I am grateful, of course, since otherwise I would have never been aware of the resources available to the average citizen. Available - with this mild disclaimer: "we do not warrant that you may legally purchase, own, or carry specific products offered in our catalogs" and "customers purchasing law enforcement insignia or uniforms ... warrant they are legally authorized to wear such mottos." The disclaimer is a leap of faith: the department of sales is not going to verify your identity.

U.S. Cavalry offers much more than uniforms, balaclavas or camouflage shemaghs. And these, by the way, are accompanied with images such as the photograph of two air-force soldiers shooting from behind a sand-covered hummer, with the heading: "boonie hat helps beat the heat." At U.S. Cavalry, you, the average citizen, can purchase "Tactical Equipment" which is divided into "less lethal," "ballistic" (helmets, body armor), and "dynamic entry tools." Another section is devoted to "Homeland Security" which is to be taken au pied de la lettre: chemical and biological protection system for the whole family (for instance this ColPro 300 NBC Multi-Purpose Soft Shelter which unfolds right in your living room, or, for your children, "Noah's Ark Expandable Cabinet Shelter.") Then, you can acquire "Evidence Collection" or "Field" equipment, "Knives and Tools," "Duty Equipment" (including several models of hand-cuffs up to full-body binding). Guns arent sold, but hardly a picture displays the equipment without one.

It is needless to say that persons who purchase at U.S. Cavalry are doubly patriotic: they help the American economy by spending their money AND contribute to homeland security.

Get your catalog today or order online at

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{Tuesday, October 19, 2004}

applying grammar rules with caution, plume strived towards the perfection of present.

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{Thursday, October 14, 2004}

who doesn't vote, opts for a dictatorship.

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la lune, c'est la philosophie du phosphore

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{Thursday, October 07, 2004}

plume proposes to introduce a bush-proof presidential requirement: TOEFL exam.

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{Tuesday, September 28, 2004}

he saved money until he found himself shortchanged.

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{Thursday, September 23, 2004}
complaint against the american academia for discovering the tomato

in preparation for tomorrow's teaching, i am reading the assigned chapters of the "anatomy of the sacred" by j.c.livingston (fifth edition, undoubtedly better and improved, as much as this month's toothpaste of which slavoj zizek wished to take only the advertised 33% free) - - following local customs, the author takes great care to criticise his predecessors, pointing the deficiencies in their thought, before proceeding to laying out his own original claims - - in the proximity to his own originality, yet just a ladder-step lower, he lists such lesser fames as c. geertz and m.yinger - - yes. - - then the fanfares ring before this brilliant statement: "religion is that system of activities and beliefs directed toward that which is perceived to be of sacred value and transforming power" (copyright 2005, just in case) - - in 1949 roger caillois put this more concisely, "la religion est l'administration du sacré" - - then, the different approaches to the philosophy of religion, so originally presented in this fresh fifty-dollar book printed on glossy paper were simply stated in a cheap paperback by leszek kolakowski in 1980.

the moral of the story is: the new smells better.
or, if you prefer, this just in: tomatoes are good for your health.

the american academia is as afraid of plagiarism as microsoft is of viruses. as a northwestern instructor you can even download software that will detect plagiarism.

do you think the healthy-tomato scientists finally heeded their grandmothers' advice?

yet, it would be so shameful to submit an article to the journal "science" quoting the immemorial wisdom of this recent discovery.

(but if you don't wash your tomatoes, you still might get sick.)

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{Sunday, September 19, 2004}

when nature calls unexpectedly, people turn republican.

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{Friday, September 10, 2004}

i express my gratitude to the lamp post for shedding light as dead leaves. i offer my thanks to the crevasse in the cobblestone where rain drives lost souvenirs. i am indebted to the traffic which would not let time cross the street. i owe much to the homing pigeon following looping roads to its nest. i acknowledge the postman for dropping bread crumbs into my love letters. i salute the dog for chasing the poem's end round the yellow-red hydrant. i praise the coffee mug for spilling its guts on my lap. i appreciate the sun for folding itself into a pillow one hot afternoon. i bow to the accacia tree for keeping its head high and for uprooting the curb. i bless the wind for slowing me down. i hail the color green in the iris of your eyes. i write myself into the sand. i do not sign.

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the door of my hand opens onto the courtyard of your dream. i have no eyes. a blue electric snake signals the edge of this universe. i kiss the yellow flower's long-necked cup, to the black grain, to the veins of petals curved as the jelly fish before its next jolt. lips are the main organ of perception. salt accumulates meticulously as an offering. the capillaries of my sealed eyelids propell the dream to its origin.

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{Thursday, August 19, 2004}

plume waited for the bus stop to start.

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{Wednesday, August 04, 2004}

umbrellas folded under the weight of rain

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{Monday, August 02, 2004}

she smokes a garcia vega, and then has craving for a bowl of cereal: so customs of an adult inhabit a playroom.

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{Sunday, August 01, 2004}

spiders are constructing an elaborate scaffolding around my house. they will soon refashion the walls to their liking, intertwining constellations...

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Turn safari into a farce.

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Psalm shaker is saltier than a Quaker's psalter.

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{Friday, July 30, 2004}

plume's spare time just required too many spare parts.

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He was too pale for his toupee.

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... if ever a mouse was catapulted

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plume sold parasols and made sales on pairs of sails.

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They imputed with impunity his debut as a deputy.

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in a country of amputees they no longer measure distances in feet.

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a casual student of marketing, plume is currently working on individually-wrapped rain-drops.

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never nibble on nude noodles unless new needles nod on needless nobles.

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break the news but leave the heart out of it.

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"President Bush is arguing that the nation has turned the corner in dealing with its problem," report the news. Good news it is, since "its problem" is the very Bush. For now, however, it is more likely that the corner has been turned into four, between which the nation is stuck.

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{Wednesday, July 28, 2004}

academic epidemic

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due to the shifts in earth's magnetic field, the location of poland is once more uncertain.

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is there a mosque in quito?

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the dog mistook her shin for his own bone.

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they told him to burn fat, but didn't specify it was his own.

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capital of Poland :: Saw War
capital of Romania :: Book Arrest
capital of Hungary :: Bad Setup
capital of Iraq :: Bag Dad
capital of Italy :: More
capital of Spain :: Did Arm
capital of Finland :: I Sunk Hell
capital of Sweden :: Lock Moths
capital of the U.S. :: Hating Snow
capital of Belgium :: Rubs Less
capital of Argentina :: Assure Niobe
capital of Trinidad&Tobago :: Inapt Proofs
capital of Philippines :: Animal
capital of Andorra :: On Radar
capital of South Africa :: To Repair
capital of Bolivia :: Plaza
capital of Australia :: Crane Bar

. . . to be continued

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plume plays in place.

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plume was complemented on his looks. "it's all in my jeans," he replied.

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a black-on-yellow sign at every corner won't let plume forget that MONEY ORDERS.

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turn your pistol into a parasol.

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