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{Friday, September 10, 2004}

i express my gratitude to the lamp post for shedding light as dead leaves. i offer my thanks to the crevasse in the cobblestone where rain drives lost souvenirs. i am indebted to the traffic which would not let time cross the street. i owe much to the homing pigeon following looping roads to its nest. i acknowledge the postman for dropping bread crumbs into my love letters. i salute the dog for chasing the poem's end round the yellow-red hydrant. i praise the coffee mug for spilling its guts on my lap. i appreciate the sun for folding itself into a pillow one hot afternoon. i bow to the accacia tree for keeping its head high and for uprooting the curb. i bless the wind for slowing me down. i hail the color green in the iris of your eyes. i write myself into the sand. i do not sign.

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I thank plume for drenching us with words once again.

By Blogger Geof Huth, at 6:22 PM  

Wow. That's one way to show how much you love life... Well said.

By Blogger Elizabeth Raventail, at 6:36 PM  

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