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{Monday, February 09, 2004}

a book of insults, or, with a grain of salt (in your eye)

this is an impromptu translation of the litany of insults from Edward Stachura's Kropka nad Ypsilonem {the dot over the ypsilon} that i have contorted a few weeks ago. | i decided to post it, to be assaulted by this roughcut work, in order to prompt further translucidatory convulsions.

you pork snout, you pork tail, you pork hoof, you ham, you fold, you fatso, you dumpling, you dropling, you blood sausage, you tripe, you croquette, you trough, you gnome, you earth worm, you crawlassing pest, you reptile, you venom, you measle-dyphteroid, you parasite, you drone, you leprosy, you hiena, you catacomb, you hecatomb, you sorry type, you nightmareling, you buffoon, you pharmazoon, you cameleon, you cock on the roof, you neither this way nor that way, you hit and run, and cry, you stuffy nose, you trachoma, you cataract, you bleary eyelet, you squint, you stool pigeon, you hangdog, you dragonflirt, you blindspot, you spy, you hangdog, you sorry type, you putty, you glue, you gumarabesque, you guttapercha, you colophony, you vaseline, you glycerine, you valet, you asskisser, you nipplesucker, you claqueur, you poser, you chisel, you fop, you cabotine, you patched-up scraper, you striped piper, you cowboy on a hunch-backed horse, you block, you hammer, you chainsaw, you spoke, you hoe, you unplunged pipe, you splinter, you scram, you wire, you crumb, you sorry type, you capitalist, you neocolonialist, you rosycheeked bourgeois, you careerist, you pennypincher, you microbe, you staphylococus, you pickpocket, you gonococus, you lues, you puffball, you leftleg, you mythoman, you narcoman, you filmfan, you gravedigger, you bacteria, you necrophiliac, you shameless pudenda, you sexolate, you muddlecake, you rag, you scholastic, you woodpecker off the rocker, you knocked-up turnip, you modern ruin, you beyond-avarage nincompoop, you trap, you guillotine, you gallows, you sorry type, you nightcap, you pompon, you cuntaphone, you dishwater, you wick, you nit, you dung, you playboy, you modern hit, you astamaniana, you my dear i don't love you at all, you blue fatamorgana, you onania, you chicken tune, you scratched vinyl, you trillevision, you lelement, you acorn prick, you dispensable thing, you garter, you offkey, you obscurant, you larva, you tick, you louse, you noxious aphid, you fusedtoothed termite, you grooved termite, you horsefly, you horse leech, you rook, you gangster, you thief, you murderer, you sorry type, you lazybone, you no-show, you aglet, you fuckerbalance, you fuckbeminor, you mouthfullofteeth, you chipped tooth, you lungfish, you convex flounder, you comatose halibut, you stinking skunk, you bottom moraine, you dregs of time, you off the floor, you square egg, you crook, you artist, you peddler, you straweaver intellectual, you talent in the turnstile, you genius under duress, you sideline in mainstream, you avant-garde of the arriere-garde, you tobacco in the pouch, you neptic, you undersigh, you inniminny, you bakelite toilet seat, you coterie, you comitern, you combination, you machination, you bargain method, you dolares and piernates, you off with you to the junkery, you usurer, you wechsel, you receipt, you ink blotch, you butt, you gibberish, you sorry type, you paper model, you wallpaper, you tawdry, you travelbag, you cyst, you snag in a historic draft, you poke, you poke your eye out, you comb against the grain, you leg, you lout, you clarnet, you bidet, you bucket, you diarrhea, you shitonlip, you spit, you scoundrel, you bungler, you flyspitter with a golden tooth, you wingspotted anteater, you hoodlum in Bahama yellow, you finger up your nose, you bugger, you nogood, you pushover, you hangover, you heartless bell, you comode varnish, you schwarzass, you thornhead, you dolt, you billygoat, you scatterbrain, you laurel left, you weedsmoke, you patafiant, you baseball bat, you paragon, you berserk, you apparitionist, you weightlift, you joule, you gigolo, you villain, you origummy, you alphos and omegos, you sorry type, you complacent collar, you nullgonal reader, you literary lifelet, you café, you junkyard, you corpseyard, you potboiler, you dauber, you drabber, you snort, you gag, you refuse, you poisoned herb, you soap sud, you selfogler, you scraping, you tit, you pisser, you pantwetter, you rot, you blindworm, you pussworm, you sorry type, you lily with a broken waist, you banana orthopedist, you squeezed lemon, you abused cutlet, you drooling wiener, you drunk dwarf, you worn-out blueberry, you summer fling, you bean-filled twat, you clogged whistle, you five minutes behind the rosemary bush, you unfinished illusion, you pulled-down blind, you jealousfish, you jaundice, you arsenic, you dark machine, you artificial flower, you pimple, you zit, you blackhead, you four-star wisher, you wart, you bedbug, you wishywash, you wishyouwas, you sorry type, you pull my sleeve, you step on my shadow, you shit around my pen, you call me uncle, you here have some ice cream, you don't sing i have no change, you candidate to a leg, you say who rocked your hands, you disappear with a soundless system, you drag your contrail, you go to hell, you piss off, you pepper off, you deoxidize, you flow off with ice, you die... !

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