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{Monday, February 09, 2004}
a brief note on blogger ads

i just realized that the google blogger banner on top of this page tries to suggest "related searches". | i feel i have been upgraded: the first blob that splotched this sheet received a link to "joann fabrics" and "faux fur" outlet. today, the beheader reads: "free author's guide", "get published on demand" and, as an extra bon noose, refers the reader to "pictures of animals" & "publishers" (who, somehow, seem to belong to the same category). | and, by the way, i just imagined a blog devoted entirely to itself, an exercise in writing, akin to 'magnetic fields' or automatic writing games, in which each entry would play off google words, wander into unrelated territories in order to breed more keywords, tropical plants and elephants, burning giraffes and fire extinguishers, earth-moon honey cruises, guide to brick-by-brick DYI house building, and so on, soon, onto viral graphomania... | and, by the way, i was reading yesterday about the art of computer virus-writing {new york times :: monkeys write [i am fond of anagrams, and as they say, a gram a day... (befriend unica zurn, the anagrammatic queen)]} & was struck by the parallel it bears to medieval book-copying. | so, there's a writer, a true wiz programmer shaman manorwoman, who posts his creations on the web, signs his work & folds his arms. | then come along the illuminatory monks, or "script-kiddies" as they're called (and i cannot help, but imagine an army of busy gnomes) who patiently copy&paste the coded disease, add a little quirk, here&there (the "illumination"), and send the plague into the electronic world. (and, by the way, millennial apocalypse was the talk of medieval teatime). | by the way, what does planting a bomb have to do with gardening?

* * *

in the meantime, i received a response from blogger about a script error that comes up (& still does & seems to lie, at least if you believe microsoft debugger, in the blogger code in which each blog is embedded) when you open it in microsoft explorer : i have received a complimentary upgrade to ad-free blog. hence, blabla, self-perpetuating keyword-distorting blog-idea won't work. @-) cyclopic smiley

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