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{Saturday, February 07, 2004}

the futurist

escolar is a sneaky fish
schooled no less than other mackerels
escolar is a fishy snake
spectacled no less than a professor

my neighbor is a futurist he stands on his thruster fins and slowly spins the tale of his arthretic knees upon the black tartop of fagot roofs and potholes paved with pitch in sleep-fagged sidewalks hes in his element in the geometries of frozen lake he calls kalonkalon and shifts a cigarette from his left pocket to his fleece-lined jacket he doesnt smoke

eros thrives in a rose
cocooned in petals as good as scales
eros rises early
adorned with thorns non sans pareil

my neighbor is a futurist he fishes compliments in empty grocery bags takes off his battle hat to bite a 30cent napoleon at corner market prijedor he says cars will be slim as womens waists and ride sideways on walkstones we will have female government and snowflakes will be formed of milkfroth he pulls his hat over his face laughs in yours

soil cap is packed with dirt
planted with seeds of spoiled eclipse
soil cap conceals oil
cajoled politely into an elliptic pod

my neighbor is a futurist a fact perhaps hitherto left unmentioned his kingdom spreads from the 14th floor all the way to the missing link up his cuff he carries funk and wagnalis and marches incognito from metropolis to the letter box at six a.m. he sends a thousand faxes to promote communication he writes on fishskins with a no. 2 pencil

caterpillars prowl earth
groomed primly as ballroom catfish
caterpillars turn to salt
licked slowly as scholarly pamphlets

a verb of elucidation: there is no 13th floor in my building & my 81yearold neighbor, who secretly mistrusts trends in arts, tells me he's a futurist. what a tryste, says i (to myself). & his shelves simply itch, inch upon inch, with 1967 funk&wag'n'alyce pedic cylops. & he mixes faxes & knows his news. gist of it is, he's a magician.

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