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{Wednesday, February 11, 2004}
minutes on assembly of a certain thought (punctuation not included)

askant a narrow inkline
494 : 36
score or an angle
the remainder in silence

stripped bare
as metal castings or pavement

glasses must be worn
the indicated hour
"take your time"
into account

“it’s a lovely mounting”

copper circuitry
delicate as exposed veinwork

cut what is unnecessary
such as
heart-feeding arteries
leave: art
define: spontaneous production of waste in advanced cultures of bacteria

nodes and neurons
connect subliminally

sails covering masts
are declared politically incorrect
ships must sail covertly
without revealing any motion

to pass

through the general assembly
or the motherboard
(votes are counted automatically)

“which amounts to insomnia”

we must increase
the manufacture of hats razor blades and lipstick

program new codes
concerning dress and draperies
waist- and coastlines
guarded securely

all must speak the same language

“such elegant second hand”

i lived in this house for nine years
and never noticed
the façade missing

in front of a mirror
they all now recognize their error
theorize: rectitude
underscore: the relevance of eyes seldom meeting

the books
underwent revision
in the final count
what mattered
was the bottom line

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