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{Thursday, February 05, 2004}

myopic bargains of light:
split window wonders along the shopping avenue
step blunders over the threshold
and into the machine tempting
of tagged numbers why-dyed infinitudes poised upward
(slight folding in the hips will fix the drift of high-
altitude avalanche of fabric)
the mass moves towards the counter
and children choose the moral of their fairy-tales
from a multiple-choice touch-screen table
patent leather soles leave skid-marks on marble floors
and sparkling fitting-room mirrors
flatter -
(please adjust the color-contrast by turning
the bright-red door-knob)

enjoy the savings:
slight gains recorded by the market
reflect the popular mood
and the rising curve of chocolate sales
(baroque is again in vogue and girls buy eighties
garments in panoplied boutiques)
it is a sign of political investment not to
pronounce personal pronouns
instead wear faux furs
dyed to match cutting-edge views
(metaphors are the prime cause of indigestion
in america)
new software automatically eliminates
unwanted strands from the genome
while leaving a digital imprint

theology of display
runs counter to current notions of boredom
by clever insertion of partial terms
in order to feign global warming
insect or man shall be the sole survivor
clutching an empty ribboned bag
signed PLENITUDE, inc.
discounting shoe traces
burnt into the pavement
in instant revelation
(future foretold upstairs
free stock quotes here)
the festival of the earth'ss end
will be followed by
myopic bargains of light

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