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{Thursday, February 05, 2004}


a one night stand :

carved out of cherry plum
with a secret drawer
wide enough to hold a pencil
with which i will
write the dream
wobbly on its three legs

a touch-tone telephone :

in a phonebooth
as in a bathyscaph
fingers prefer
the fish of deeper vision
such as bristlemouth
or angler fish
dangling their dorsal fins
as phenobarb for prey
to spawn
deap-seated envy
in any number

a condom :

found in "for rent" section
of a free newspaper
& furnished
with lawn-chairs
spare mirrors
& crystal doorknobs -
a sovereign dome
of singular reflection
in storm a pacifier
on sunday a skyscraper

a free verse :

an ocean wave
from where
the crest fractures
to the reeve
of zinc that welds
it to its
reverse -
and then to drown
as a grain of sand
in a frivolous

a firework :

letter upon letter
as a tower tall
with trails
of long erratas
and feet
with crimson
toe nails -
by a tongue
of fire
that learns
them all
by heart
as they burn

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