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{Sunday, February 08, 2004}


sat down next to me on a train, a woman, her shoes were new, her bluejeans-patch jacket, she had no bag, her face of vague asiatic beauty, albeit uncared for, her hair dyed red tied in a ponytail, she spoke, as if to someone facing her, in a voice an actor could envy, deep vibrating, it carried to the other end of the wagon, i saw passengers lift their heads, she spoke, at regular intervals, she had no telephone, and her hands slightly trembled :

"because it was at the risk of my life

"quite antisocial


"you must understand some things are impossible

"you and i used to have conversations together all the time

and now you're afraid this will get you in trouble


"they are not interested in you
"they can't stand the sight of you

"and you

what did y o u r father tell you?

"you need to eat food

"because they're animals

so he wants both of you

"they could have fooled me

she stands in the doorway, belmont is next, the door opens on the right in the direction of travel :

"don't get lost

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