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{Friday, February 06, 2004}

poetry & the news :

eureka! (ill,i,nois) will reopen the ronald reagan museum that, as chicago tribune informs me, was the site of a "mysterious arson." this news-bit, skimmed at the unicorn café in evanston (ill.) while waiting for a table to empty, brought to mind a recent peter streckfus reading at the chicago poetry center (february 2). {read his journey to the west, one of the poems in which r.r. appears, and the one which i liked best this monday}. after the reading, one of the listeners asked p.s. about r.r. surfacings. a fatherfigure? methinks an easy answer. perhaps the truth is even simpler: there's something thunderrolling in this name, like, ronaldreaganrailroad, roundgirldedgroundriddle; and then there's something ridiculous, like stuffing a mickeymouse into a poem, and then some, next to bicycle merchants & hsuan tsang sleeping under a truck king pin!

here's a fragment:

Tai-tsung, emperor, as nescient to the blossom of our


as Lyndon Baines, who in the great land of Texas dreams of a man

gazing east so long

he finally discerns a still figure--the back of his own head. While


like actor governor Ronald Reagan, wakened from sleep, continued

on his way,

"wary to the mind's distinctions, senses guarded."

you might also say, "weary of mind's distinctions," playing with historical mirrors, where, not unlike in a magritte painting, one might see the back of one's head.

quid ad rem?

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