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{Sunday, February 15, 2004}

to remain where you’re not necessary
even at the cost of
flowers do not hesitate to open at a warm spell in winter
to have the courage of plants
even at the cost of

you are a parasite in the tree hollow
devour bark sap and leaf
but to move
as if there were no more woods
towards the grain

rough gratitude as your garb
what poet
as if the urgency of tomorrow
inconsiderate shattered glass drops
merely words

hurled as rocks into blank windows
blank stares
sheets of paper in lunarfolds
fragrant insomnia
you live as if

wild parasite of your skin
love odors waves
the white river encircles your feet
yesterday floods
wood floral cabinets

strive towards the opening
dark is light comes
nails bleed in sleep in gathering
the roots of flagstone
follicles of thought

to be where it must be proven
flesh only a sign
broken lantern prostitution or wisdom
hairy shadows
reclaim your footsteps

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