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{Friday, February 20, 2004}
words of wisendom

m e d i c i n ea

putting ideas into someone's head: the latest brain surgery
to get a load off one's mind: the antidote to the above
wide awake: this is what happened to Gregor Samsa, he woke up wider than he fell asleep
with flying colors: applies to intense visual hallucinations
try one's own hand: (1) when everything else fails; (2) when the patient's both hands had to be amputated
taking sides: an alternative weight-loss procedure
lay eyes on someone: an unsuccessful ocular transplant
laugh out the other side of one's mouth: potentially fatal
keeping a watch over someone: a XIXth century method of hypnotization
to follow one's nose: in reference to a patient with a runny nose
can't make heads or tails: a multiple-animal surgery gone terribly wrong
lose one's face / one's heart / one's mind, etc: any of possible things that can go wrong on an operating table
out of one's mind: same as above, from the point of view of the lost body part

h u m a n r e l a t i o n sb

touch and go: (derogatory), applies to an extremely short-term relationship
laid back: a love-making position
no kidding: a sign in restrictive housing, prohibiting child-bearing
no dice: a sign forbidding gambling
no sweat: a sign forbidding perspiration
not a living soul: a sign in a pessimists' cemetery
no wonder: a sign at a politically-correct freak show

two p h i l o s o p h i c a l stands on m o n e yc

money is no object (skepticism)
money talks (animism)

p o l i t i c sd

race against time: it has been proven that time is racist
paint the town red: McCarthy did what he could to prevent this from happening

miss elaniouse

get a raw deal: to eat sushi
made from scratch: a creationist belief that the world started with a big itch

p r o - v e r b i a

First come, first swerved.
Write and barely.
Knotty as a fruitcake.
Make a new sense of oneself.
Live on borrowed thyme.
Pubic disclosure.
His loss is migraine.
The death of one dog is the wife of another.
Variété is the spice of life.
Reason is the lie in the flaw.
History reaps and eats itself.
Give each his dew.
Half a lass is better than none.
People who live in glass houses have bruised noses.
There's more than one frog in the poodle.

u n q u o t e d

"Come light, go light" - God, hesitating about the creation of the world.
"A youth comes but once in a lifetime" - Mother's practical advice to her ugly son, urging him to marry.
"To him who has shall be given" - government's tax-cut policy
"Vice President" - homologue of the Virtue President in another country.
STD - Victoria's secret finally revealedf

a from: Physician's Desk Reference. 27th edition.
b from: St. Reet, Sigh N., ed. Urban Codes and Rural Traditions, or Worlds at Odds. Antarctica University Press, 1982.
c from: Rhates, Sock A., pH.d., ed. Philosophy of Economics. Keblogg School of Management Press, 1993.
d from the editorial column of Washing Post. March (against Times) 12, 2003.
e from: Chambermaid's Manual to Propper Curtseying. Midwife Publications, 1888. (handstitched).
f from: Wall Street Journal. Special Supplement1. February 21, 2004.

1 FDA approved.

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