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{Monday, March 15, 2004}

Metal has the properties of pained flesh.

Poets carrying backpacks speak the only universal language they remember.

Missives turn into missiles at the nudge of her elbow.

A banner advertising Nike folds into Niobe, "Rid of Madness."

The riverflow is Mercury.
Temperature rises with the crossbeam and the third rail
Runs as a conductor Rod.

Dismember the last flashes of memory:
Naked poets search garbage dumps sewers cemeteries
For something
To bandage the tongueblade
Taut ropes to walkto hang
Perhaps to hang

Yet. Is as If. Completely White under the cunning horizon.

Aimed blindly
Transitional laws
Party lines
Sharper than -

Parting lines
Sharper than -

All this time the poet busied herself counting molecules.
The cell membrane was severed
He thought, Liberty
Death clad in colors of Dawn

Completely White
Right where the Accent falls
Letters severe as shards
Memory lost

Metal was consolation almost felt.

The state of Emergency inaugurated in the age of iron.

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