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{Wednesday, March 24, 2004}

an ounce mint: incertainplume will be flying off towards the east, becoming increasingly wirefree. tuna next week. in the mean time, scroll down the margins, let lynxes enchant you, some great blogs to step in to:
take the rain taxi or a tram spark down the ruby street, or even all the way to the hotel point.
see new stuffings in the belly of ubu or where the buffaloes roam.
get your news at the tympan, read ron silliman precisely at noon, and the ramblings only while you smoke a pipe.
reconcile to the fait accompli when faced with a conundrum.
don't confuse texfiles with textiles.
inhale poetry and don't forget to shampoo your hair.
wear pantaloons when you can, and a jacket if you can't afford a hat.
treat yourself to some free verse and read it word for word.
if you're still here, it might just be a lucky error or the result of an extremely good hand at the bad letter game.
do not shy heaven and all your problems will be solved; else luminate.
if you're passing through chicago, this is where you should be. and this is the vicinity where you might run into me.

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