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{Sunday, March 14, 2004}

the Great Wall of China
the Prison Wall
the City Wall
the Wailing Wall
the Vietnam Veterans' Memorial Wall
the Berlin Wall
the Gypsy Wall in Usti Nad Labem
the Israel Wall
the Warsaw Ghetto Wall
the Wall of Silence
the Executioner's Wall
the Wall of Oppression
the Wall that has Ears
the Wall where Writing appears
the Wall of an Attacking Army
the Wall of a Football Team
the Wall of Waves
the Hollow Wall
the Hanging Wall
the Wall of a Membrane
the Wall of a Cell
the Wall of Victory
the Wall of Defeat
the Wall to be pushed against
the Wall to turn one's back on
the Wall to be taken
the Wall to lay by
the Wall to see through
the Wall to turn one's face to
the Wall to climb
the Wall of divide
the Wall that crumbles
the Wall that casts shadow
the Wall that murmurs

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