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{Monday, April 05, 2004}

day light savings are supposed to help the poor get to the end of ape rill.

the macaque swiftly climbs the tree.

plume still can't sleep.

the monkey mocks him & hits the snooze baton.

banana slips on its own peel,
and two lips grow where a sleeping pill lay planted.

june said to april: march on and don't be so august!

his little brain overtaxed,
plume imp
anciently awaits the refund.

clearly, where there's no rain, puddles lust after flower pots.

when the dark comes on,
people whisper.

with all his light savings,
plume could count on high interest.

albert einstein interfered with the dividends.

now, plume must start amassing
his four tunes anew.

stop gaping at the tip of his tongue.
freudian slip could not have been sexier.

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