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{Monday, May 24, 2004}

Bush-in-chief invariably brings a smile to the most dreary situation:

"The swift removal of Saddam Hussein's regime last spring had an unintended effect"...

To prevent any unexpected events from ever happening again, he proposes a five-step plan. To someone who grew up in a socialist country, this sounds strangely familiar. Poland, for one, ran on nothing but one five-year-plan after another. There is something concrete and comforting about number 5. The rest may be as nebulous as "handing over authority" (read: happen what may, it's not our fault), "establishing security" (here I am really confused, but it seems Bush means to "alarm the nation"), "continue rebuilding Iraq's infrastructure" (continue? RE?-building?, infrastructure? I suppose it sounds scholarly enough that someone will fall for it), "encourage international support" (that's a synonym for the panic button), "moving toward a national election that will bring forward new leaders..." (there's much astir here, moving forward, toward -- moving out, I think, rather, just keep moving, because when it's stops, then you really need to be scared).

In truth, all this is just the speech-writer's translation of: "OK, I close my eyes, count to five, and you all disappear. ONE .... TWO ...."

"... or else I'll have my dad come and deal with you!... THREE ..."

I better log off right now!

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