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{Monday, May 17, 2004}
from plume's intuitive dictionary*

s y n ae s t h e t i c, n. : alt. spell. sinesthetic :: the esthetics of sinning (developed by St. O. Gusting and elaborated by Hay Gall).

p r o s t a t e, adj. :: one that is not against the state.

u n d e r b u s h, n. :: the second in command.

t e x a s, n. : colloq./euphem. misspell. of :: tax ass.

u m b r e l l a, n. :: contagious disease, often confused with rubella, salmonella and the deadly mozzarella.

d e f e e t, v. transitive :: as decapitation, but from the other end.

p r e c i n c t, n. : marine slang :: a pre-owned ship-wreck.

t r a n s c e n d e n t a l, adj. :: having gone into a trance while under hypnosis at a dentist's office.

b e v e r a g e, n. :: the average bever population per square mile per annum.

d i s c r e t e, adj. : from Greek :: enemy of Crete. (Antonym: c o n c r e t e).

p o l i t i c s, adj. : forestry :: said of areas characterized by dense tick population.

c i c a d a s, n. Obs. : music :: British equivalent of sick arias.

d e c a n t, v. intr. :: to sing decantatas.

p a t t e r n, n. : archaic :: pre-Pithagorean mathematical model for establishing paternity.

*arranged in alphabetical disorder according to preliminary range blank response pattern.

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