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{Tuesday, May 04, 2004}

plume has been away from the ink bottle, yet his wits may be dry but not dull. ear to the ink blotch turns radio broadcast into a rorschach test.
bob edwards' farewell interview revolved around his book on edward murrow. cited, an excerpt of a broadcast concerning the horrors of buchenwald, from an archive recording, and a fragment of murrow's newscast on mccarthy era trials, recited by bob edwards.
bravo, npr. nice choice of fragments. hope everyone caught the parallel: american war crimes & enemy-citizens on "trial".
plume turns the radio to static.
where is a clear voice to denounce crimes in a sober tone?
christian fundamentalism ambushes us with god-speak and righteousness clogs our throats like used tobacco a pipe.
... and all the while, freshly rethreaded capital bites into the vestiges of ethics, that is, ethiquette...

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