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{Friday, May 28, 2004}
plume's timely meditation

An "extended weekend" is an occasion for "spending" some "quality time" with the family. No doubt, it is time well-earned. Following the dictum: "time is money," quality time is time saved in a weekend bank, put aside, accumulated like honest capital; it is time that must not be simply squandered. Rather, "quality time" is time "re-invested" -- this time in the family -- and which will pay off with interest, so that for the weekends to come we can live off the dividend.

"Quality" time means, implicitly, "high-quality." That time well-earned and securely-saved is also a product. First, there is some time of labor, perhaps a little dreary, perhaps filled with office talk and punctuated with brown-bag lunches and coffee spoons. That labor time brings money which in turn "buys" us more time. If you have a good job, the time you earn in return for the time you work is bound to be superior to the time you would have had, had you not worked for it.

"Quality time" is, then, opposed to time "poorly-spent" and to sheer "wasted time." Poorly spend their time those who live their lives without earning their living or without having others to earn it for them. And waste their time those who, having gained it, trifle it away without thinking of the passing time. Those are truly wealthy who have by-passed the time of labor and put to work time already saved which then works itself up into a high-interest eternity, affording the rich-man time to think of nothing but of multiplying time and of storing it away for the future, until a time comes for some "quality time" with those who qualify to share in its spending. And a wise time-baron will not spend anything without getting something in return. He will rather lend his family some time - or, in the preferred turn of phrase - extend some time to them. He will also make sure his tongue does not slip on that turn and let those, who use the time thus extended, know they should turn it into profit and then return it at least twofold. Such wise man laughs, of course sparingly, at the poor fool, who claims to have "all the time in the world" and worries not about its quality. For, had he truly "all the time in the world" he would be unable to spend it, even if he were in the world "all the time."

And all we've got, is an extended weekend.

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