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{Wednesday, June 30, 2004}

The Lutheran Surrealist writes a note on Orono poetry conference & mentions one of the astonishing encounters there: a Canadian poet, Margaret Avison.

There was something else I wrote down, a quote she used as the epigraph to one of her poems:

An intellectual is a person listening to people. This kind of truth cannot be put by us, not into words, not in its place. Man can only ap-prehend, never com-prehend it.

An award (or a word) to whom finds the source of this quote. Hence, here sought: a man of vast knowledge, master of many languages including Persian, Arabic... who spent the last years of his life at the same retirement home as Margaret Avison.

The lightning rod of encounters.

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Margaret Avison was at the Vancouver Poetry Conference in 1963. Go here to listen to her reading:


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